Distant Tides
Distant Tides
Distant Tides

Distant Tides

“I see the horse as a creature of great power and majesty with a big heart. A huge ocean wave almost echoes a similar meaning, a powerful force of nature that cannot be stopped yet holds so much beauty. The young woman is coming out from the shade of the palms and stepping closer to this mighty presence. She has a desire to go into the water in hopes that she too can be a part of the wave's splendor.“

Dimitra Milan

"Distant Tides" by mixed media oil painter Dimitra Milan brings together a beautiful woman, majestic horse, and tropical imagery.

The original "Distant Tides" oil painting is 30" x 36" and has been SOLD.

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All matted prints are printed on eco-friendly, sustainable, art-quality “bamboo paper”. The use of bamboo fibers was an intentional choice that represents spirituality, naturalness and resource consciousness, attributes related to the artist’s program. Prints are available in a variety of sizes, and placed in a pre-cut white mat with Dimitra's signature embossed in the corner. The back of the mat has a sticker with a short artist bio and print title.

Matted prints are available in several popular sizes, and published sizes are based on outside dimensions of the mat:
8" x 10" Mat (5" x 7" Print)   /   20.3cm x 25.5cm Mat (12.7cm x 17.8cm Print)
11" x 14" Mat (8" x 10" Print)   /   27.9cm x 35.6cm Mat (20.3cm x 25.5cm Print)
16" x 20" Mat (11" x 14" Print)   /   40.6cm x 50.8cm Mat (27.9cm x 35.6cm Print)

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All orders will ship in 2-3 business days, except orders containing canvas giclée prints which will ship in 3-5 weeks. Tracking information is provided on all orders once the package is shipped. Both Domestic and International shipping options are available.

A master painter, Dimitra Milan's whimsical and surreal artwork reflects a dreamy world where anything is possible.